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a win/win software solution for you and your customers

i_CONSIGNMENT® brings to you all the convenience and benefits of a traditional consignment stocking program with an added blend of modern technologies to put you firmly in control of your purchasing and production requirements.


Take a closer look into how i_CONSIGNMENT® works for you.

i_CONSIGNMENT® is an inventory management system that is focussed on reducing costs and improving efficiency. Driven by technology the system has been successfully implemented into some 450 customers in Australia & New Zealand.

i_CONSIGNMENT® is a proprietary inventory system, wholly owned by the OVOL Group and designed for distribution businesses managing small to large delivery quantities.

Products and their quantities are managed through the use of QR codes and an app that ensures products are always in stock at the customer’s premises.

Benefits - as the customer


i_CONSIGNMENT® does the ordering seamlessly in the background to ensure stock on the shelves never runs out without you having to lift a finger. At the end of the month all your usage is consolidated to just one invoice reducing your administration costs.

Stock Management

You always have stock on the floor which means you no longer have to place orders or chase them up when they have not arrived in time. And then, use only what you need - no waste! Quickly determine how much stock you have on your premises, how much you have used, and how much is due to be delivered.

Improve Cash Flow Management

Even though you have the luxury of unlimted stock right on your own premises you are only charged for what you use .

Benefits - as the vendor

Service Delivery Cost Reduction

Distributing product to market based on customer demand can create noise and cost in the supply chain. The i_CONSIGNMENT® patented system reduces the amount of transactions processed through the vendors business. Vendors deliver more stock, less often. By controlling the minimum & maximum product quantity levels at your customer you can manage how often you deliver “top up” stock to a customer which reduces activity in the supply chain and vendors reap the rewards of lower servicing costs.

Customer Retention

As a vendor, you are setting up a virtual warehouse within a customer’s location. With utilisation of the i_CONSIGNMENT® solution, customers quickly understand the value-add benefits of working with a vendor that offers the i_CONSIGNMENT® system. This value-add helps secure the customer for the future and makes it difficult for competitors to put forward a more compelling offer.


Traditional consignment programmes with customers require a representative (often the product sales account manager) from the vendor to travel to the customers site/s to reconcile the stock that has been consumed over a given period. This service comes with a significant cost and even more so when reconciling large numbers of consignment customers. Generally, traditional consignment has limited scalibilty due to this fact. On the other hand, i_CONSIGNMENT® has scalability which reinvents the traditional model and takes it to another level in service so the vendor can spend valuable time with the customer in a sales capacity rather than counting stock.

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Happy Clients

Rajesh Mudundi - Customer

Fivestar Print

In this digital era, every business should line up with an online portal. As an existing i_CONSIGNMENT user, BJ Ball makes ordering paper & life easier, rather than spending hours of time with customer services. One click and our stock arrives at the door. We truly enjoy i_CONSIGNMENT and the online options through BJ Ball’s shopping portal.

Simon Delany - Vendor

ICON Digital Media - General Manager

The i_CONSIGNMENT system has been a game changer for our business. It has removed stress, noise and cost out of our demanding supply chain. The distribution system benefits us and our customers. Since the i_CONSIGNMENT system implementation in 2010 we have reduced our distribution costs and increased our customer footprint across Australasia.